• What if your product could give your customers a voice?

    Adrich is the smarter way to connect!

    Better Access to Usage Data to Better Serve Your Consumer

  • Quality Data for Better Decisions

    Maximize Sales

    Target consumers based on their actual (not assumed) usage patterns. Close the sale with timely communication and improve consumer retention & loyalty.

    Optimize Delivery

    Avoid scrambles and last minute reorders. Get the lead time to plan production and logistics to save costs and ensure product quality.

    Improve Margin

    Engage with consumers by getting insights into your product usage. Now you can provide targeted promotions and understand what your consumers really want.
  • What We Do

    Direct Feedback Loop with Real-Time, Actual Data

    Better access to usage data to help you better serve your consumer!

    • Who's using the product?
    • Where, when, and how much are they consuming the product?
    • How can we improve our product?
    • When do they run out?
    • Does the consumer need more product?
    • Can we improve retention with on demand replenishment?

    Customized Hardware & Software to Fit Your Unique Needs

    We have the right platform for you that helps you understand your customers

    • Smart Replenishment = frictionless reordering, improved retention and loyalty, increased repeat orders
    • Access to Usage Behavior = segment users better, close the sale with timely coupon campaigns, accurate usage data
    • Improved Marketing Analytics = cross sell & up sell, align stocking & logistics with the right products, better ROI & margin
  • How It Works

    Our Post Purchase Engagement Platform includes 2 components:

    Smart Packaging Hardware

    Patent pending, flexible label that discretely captures usage data

    Customized Software

    Constantly updated post purchase analytics platform

    The Only 2-way Communication Enabler that Connects Brands to Post Purchase Usage Info

    Allowing better consumer retention, sales & loyalty

  • Our Process

    1. Intelligent, flexible labels adhere to any size or type of package

    2. Consumer buys the product, brings it home, and does a one-time setup

    3. Usage data is autonomously linked to your dash board

    4. Consumer is better served with better replenishment & connection

    5. Brands have actual usage behavior to improve their products

  • Let's Partner

    We can't wait to help you better connect with your consumers.
    Please fill out the information below or email us directly.

    100 S Commons Suite 102, Pittsburgh PA 15212
  • Success Stories

    just a few to date...

    Maggie's Farm Run

    Better Marketing Analytics

    Maggie's Farm Run implemented our hardware labels on their bottles and connected to the customized dashboard we set up. They were instantly connected to usage insights that allowed them to respond to bars on demand and cater their packaging and product to better suit their needs.


    Connected Replenishment

    Petagogy, our local pet food store, attached the labels to the dry dog food bins, gave them for free, and was able to improve their replenishment. They were able to keep their consumers loyal to their store and are now reporting an increase in sales.

  • Who We Are

    Our Background

    Adhithi Aji


    Adhithi Aji, the founder of Adrich, has over 6 years of related industry experience, including product management and technical research & development. With a passion for improving access to crucial consumer data, Adhithi started work on the idea while obtaining her Management of Science Degree in Innovation Management. She also holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering


    Alpha Lab Gear & Innovation Works

    While we have been working on this idea for several years while at Carnegie Mellon University's Innovation Management department, we officially incorporated in 2015. We are proud to be part of of the top eight top hardware accelerators. We are immensely thankful to our seed investors, mentors & advisors at Alpha Lab Gear and Innovation Works. Without their support, we would not be able to provide this valuable platform to you.


    Adrich wins the Challenge Cup organized by 1776 and will be representing Pittsburgh at New York in November! Come Support Us!