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Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my password or change my email?

We're integrating these features in the next version of the app. For now you can change your password using this link: And swap the email on your account using this link:

Why haven't I received any surveys?

Surveys for studies are usually linked to usage of the product, so if you haven't used your product yet, that explain why you haven't gotten any yet. If you've been using the product, check your app to see if the last product sync is after you last used the product. If not, press the button on your proudct to transmit data, if so you're all set!

I can't get my product to connect!

First check if you can get the red light to come on the product when you press the button. If so, the issue is with your app set up. Check your Bluetooth and location permissions are granted and that you Bluetooth and locations are on. If the light won't come on, try using your fingernail or a pen to push the button. I also suggest pressing around the area that's designated to have a button or holding the product with one hand and firmly pressing the button with the other hand.

Can I take my product on the plane?

Yes! The battery and Bluetooth capabilities of the device are permitted on planes.

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