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Understand and act on true product consumption behavior

Adrich uses smart consumption labels to help brands and retailers unlock the last mile of consumer journey – and unleash new sources of differentiation and growth.

Top CPG Brands choose Adrich

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Customer Success Stories

“The data we get back is a 10 to a 100 times more reliable than any other data received previously”


-Kerry Azelton,
Associate Research Fellow, 

The Clorox Corporation


 Take the guesswork out of how, when and why consumers use your product - in real time.

Today’s customers expect more than ever before in history - and they have plenty of options to choose from. How will your brand win their hearts and earn their loyalty? 
Differentiate your brand and drive customer loyalty through personalized promotions and convenient, automatic replenishment:
  • Understand how, where, when and why consumers buy and use your products in real time.
  • Time consumer engagement with product usage in order to build strong customer relationships
  • Automate recurrent revenue through order replenishment and “no touch” shopping

Ready to learn how we can increase your brand equity and leverage consumer engagement to drive results? 




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