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5 Top Personalization Solutions Impacting the FMCG Sector

Updated: Mar 31

By StartUs Insights

Adrich – Big Data and Analytics

With more consumers buying online, Big Data-based personalization is becoming a major trend and a powerful tool for the FMCG industry. Big data enables analyzing customer preferences and behavior at every point of interaction with brands. This allows FMCG players to offer personalized experiences through targeted messaging, customized offers, and optimize communication across all their channels. Going one step further, data mining and intelligence tools, as well as predictive analytics of consumer interactions enable product development teams to create new offerings based on customer insights.

The US-based startup Adrich develops a smart consumer platform that combines sensor technology, real-time customer communication, and data-as-a-service (Daas). The platform leverages machine learning (ML) and analytics to generate consumer usage behavior and support FMCG companies in understanding trends, customer behaviors, and usage patterns to get closer to consumers.

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