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How Smart Tracking Technology can Act as an "X-Ray" of your Brand

Ever broken a bone? Odds are that you have - statistically speaking.

(Quick aside: I broke my ankle during a basketball game in high school. Landed on someone’s foot, heard the crack, knew it was broken immediately. I still jumped over a guy immediately after the crack to grab the rebound. No big deal, no need for praise, just a quick aside!)

Think back on the experience with me. You knew something was wrong, so you called the doctor and went to be seen. The doctor felt around, agreed something was wrong, and sent you for an x-ray. X-ray showed a break, they casted you up, you put your arm in a garbage bag to take showers for a few weeks, you went back for them to check again, it was fixed, and you worked through some rehab to get back to full strength. Pain in the ass, but you’re all good now!

But what if the doctor never saw you, just relied on what you told him? He listened to you on the phone, said “you’re fine” and no action was taken? Wouldn’t your arm be pretty messed up today?

(Quick aside: When I left the gym, my ankle was the size of a softball. I’m not a small man, but not big enough to have softball sized ankles. It was a mess. My dad told me I was fine and I didn’t need to see a doctor until I couldn’t walk the next day. He’s a great dad, like the best you could ask for, but he’d be an AWFUL doctor. Love you dad!)

What if the doctor felt your arm, said “yeah that’s not good, here’s a sling and some aspirin” and relied only on what he could see and feel? Pain might be less, but the fix would be wrong, right?

The doctor needed the x-ray to see what was “really wrong” in there in order to give you the right plan of care to ensure not just relief today, but long-term healing

Ready for the “why is he talking about this here” hammer to drop?

This is the perfect parallel for market research.

When Dr. Brand relies on what users tell her (self-reported data!), she may think they are fine!

When Dr. Brand relies on what she can observe on her own (think classic sensory research), she may think they need a sling and some aspirin.

When Dr. Brand uses technology to “x-ray” into their homes (like we do using Adrich smart tracking technology) she sees their real problems, the real core of pain, and can prescribe the cast, garbage bag and rehab that they need.

Which doctor would you go back to?

Now, more than ever, it's critical that brands hone in on the right "medicine" to reach their consumers. By collecting usage data in real-time, brands can access 46% more accurate understanding of where, how and how much product is used and respond based on that information.

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