Sensor Technology  +  Data as a Service =

Real-time, two-way communication with your customers

The Adrich consumer insights platform is a first-of-its kind solution to give you real-time insights on how, when and how much consumers use your products.

Increase Revenue, Eliminate Waste

Achieve needs-based replenishment and sustainability by targeting customers at the point of fulfillment.

Connect with Customers at Point-Of-Use

Get real-time feedback and uncover new usage patterns as customers use your product.

Validate your Innovation

Conduct usage-based testing throughout the entire product lifecycle.


The world’s first Connected Smart Consumer Platform leverages machine learning and analytics to generate True Consumer Usage Behaviors.


Adrich Smart Tracking System

Can be used to collect and send day, time, geolocation and volumetric use data in real-time


Analytics & Engagement  Dashboard

Understand trends, behaviors and usage patterns in the most accurate and cost effective way while connecting with customers as they as they use your product

  • Passive data stream

  • 46%+ more accurate usage data 

  • 1.5x size of data set

  • <60 seconds in-context responses at point-of-use 

  • 33% increase in LTV

  • 15% decrease in inventory care costs

  • Predictive inventory management

  • 15-20% increase in sales

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