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Here's how it works

We turn analog products into smart self-ordering products with the Adrich Smart Consumer Platform©.

Smart Replenishment:

Step 1

Sell your starter kit online or in-store

Customers can purchase your smart product as a standalone "Smart SKU", or as a "Smart Starter Kit" pre-bundled with refills.

Previous Adrich "Smart SKU" programs have demonstrated a $20+ 'willingness-to-pay premium' from consumers for Adrich-powered Smart SKUs vs. brands' traditional counterparts.

Step 2

Consumer connects their product

Consumers connect their new Smart Products to their phones (or any other Bluetooth-enabled device) once, and that's it!

Previous Adrich Smart SKU programs have demonstrated a 99% successful connection rate. 

Step 3

Running low!

Once Adrich detects that the product has reached the point of replenishment, a re-order is automatically initiated to the fulfillment partner of your choice with zero effort on behalf of the consumer required.

Adrich currently has integrations with Amazon and Shopify for easy fulfillment set-up. 

Step 4

Refill delivered!

Consumers receive their refill SKU before they even know they may be running low. No more overstocks and no more stock-outs! 

Previous Adrich Smart SKU programs have proven to increase order frequency by 50%+ by eliminating those pesky "hidden churn occasions" where consumers run out of product and are forced to buy whatever is most convenient, even if it's not their preference. 

It's that easy!

Retain customers by removing the point of churn.

And that's just the beginning..

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