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   Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't get my product to connect!
    First, check if you can get the red light to come on the product when you press the button. If so, the issue is with your app setup. Check your Bluetooth and location permissions are granted and that your Bluetooth and locations are on. If the light doesn't come on, try using your fingernail or a pen to push the button. I also suggest pressing around the area near the power logo or holding the product with one hand and firmly pressing the button with the other.
  • How do I reset my password or change my email?
    You can change your password using this link: Change the email on your account using this link:
  • Why haven't I received any surveys?
    You may not have received any surveys for studies because you have yet to use the product. These surveys are usually associated with product usage, so if you have yet to try it out, you may not be eligible for the surveys. If you've been using the product, check your app to see if the last product sync is after you last used the product. If not, please press and hold the button until you see the red light on your product to transmit the data. If you have already done so, then you are all set!
  • What if the device or consumer app loses internet connection?
    Understanding that full connectivity will not always be available, we have built two memory mechanisms into our system. The first is on the sensors themselves. If the sensor can't make a Bluetooth connection with the phone, it will hold onto the measure until the connection is re-established. The second is on the app. If the internet/cellular connection gets disrupted, the app will hold onto measures until the connection is re-established.
  • What is Adrich?
    The Adrich Platform creates a stream of real-time product usage data obtained from consumers through a thin, flexible smart label affixed behind a product's regular label or inside a removal band. The label creates a direct feedback loop with the business via Bluetooth to a consumer mobile app and cloud transmission to the client-accessible dashboard. Data transmissions are either real-time or batched depending on use and the user's proximity to the product. This platform offers valuable information on consumer behavior, such as who is using the product, where and when it's being used, how frequently it's being used, and when it's running low. This information is provided to businesses in real-time, allowing them to identify their customers' usage patterns and determine if reaching out to them during specific points in their experience (e.g., sending a survey or coupon when they're about to finish a unit) would improve customer retention. Clients can also use the Consumer Connect feature to interact with users through a two-way communication channel via app notification, email, or text (with opt-in).
  • What does the Adrich smart label track?
    The Adrich Smart Sensor is applied to the outside of your products. The sensor accurately detects consumption and gives consumers a zero-touch shopping experience when their product runs low. Our technology captures 18 unique parameters that enable a wide range of use cases, including: Usage Discrepancy – True Behavior vs Self-Reported Time of the Day by Day of the Week Tracking Rate of Consumption and Who the Heavy Users are Frequency of Usage Habits & Regimen - Different usage behaviors across different packages Usage Frequency by Segment Usage Frequency & Usage Amount by Segment Drill down on the Heavy Users Storage temperature Cross product usage Marketing New product or new package testing How messaging influences usage How packaging and form factors influence usage How SKUs drive usage Packaging Compliance with packaging instructions Our peel-and-stick tag is incredibly flexible in terms of its applications, allowing it to be placed on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, our sensor can be applied either at the manufacturing plant or by the consumer in their own home.
  • How does it work?
    The Adrich platform consists of intelligent sensing labels, software, the resulting data, and messaging functions. The intelligent label consists of three sensors that gather different types of data. The first sensor detects motion, distinguishing between usage and non-usage and preventing incorrect readings. The other two sensors are unique and produce characteristics and variables like viscosity. We use this information to calculate the remaining volume. Imagine a label that uses an electronic pulse to see through the product from the outside. All products utilize the same sensors, but the AI algorithms are tailored specifically for each product. Additionally, the messaging system for consumers utilizes behavior data to send messages at the appropriate time, such as when the product is first used, when it's running low, or after a period of inactivity. Our consumer platform is equipped with physical smart sensor tags, software, data, and analytics. These sensor tags capture and transmit usage data to the consumer's smart device or phone, which is then sent to Adrich's cloud. The resulting analytics are displayed on our client's dashboard. The Adrich app is available for consumers to download on their phone. It serves as a way to transmit usage data and also allows for two-way communication between the brand and the consumer.
  • What does the Adrich mobile app do?
    With the Adrich mobile app, your customers can easily activate the Adrich Smart Labels on your products. You have the option to customize the app with your own brand or integrate it into your existing mobile app using our API.
  • How does Adrich benefit consumers?
    Adrich offers various benefits for customers, including automated replenishment, interest in connected home products, and insights into their product usage. Additionally, there is customization and personalization of the brand experience, leading to greater value for the customer. For instance, Adrich can help customers comply with their regimens. Furthermore, Adrich's solution contributes to sustainable commerce by using refillable and reusable containers, thereby reducing landfill waste. Adrich's features include: Convenience: Customers receive alerts for when to refill their product or can enable automatic delivery. Sustainability: Using refillable and reusable containers helps to reduce landfill waste. Personalization: Customers receive personalized offers and instructions on better product use based on their consumption behavior. Higher satisfaction: Customers feel more connected to their favorite brands and are more satisfied with their products. More value: Customers get more out of their products, leading to a greater overall experience.

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