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Amazon & Adrich Smart Reordering Solution

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Amazon smart reorders enable a connected device to automatically reorder products from Amazon. Now with the help of Adrich’s technology, any consumables manufacturer can convert their existing or new products into a connected product taking advantage of this service, an option previously available mostly to consumer electronics or powered devices. 

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“Brand survival depends on real-time consumer engagement and predictive consumption analytics,” said Adhithi Aji, CEO, and founder of Adrich, “We are excited that our partnership with Amazon will bring more opportunities for brands to leverage our technology and take their e-commerce to the next level.  Armed with true product usage data and the ability to communicate directly with consumers, CPGs will be able to stay ahead of changing consumer needs with more timely, relevant offerings and a more agile supply chain.”

- Adhithi Aji, Adrich Founder & CEO

Adrich Smart Replenishment in Action


Adrich integrates with Amazon smart reorders to expand benefits to consumers

CPG brands can now offer timely, smart replenishment of consumable goods on Amazon based on real-time usage data while engaging directly with consumers 

How It Works

Consumer packaged goods companies will enjoy speed to market with their smart products – counted in days instead of years - with Adrich’s Smart Consumer Platform™, which includes plug-and-play smart labels and software. Additionally, brands will be able to capture real-time consumer data including when a product is running low and automatically re-order or send ‘low supply’ notifications to a consumer’s mobile device and also connect with their consumers in a direct, 2-way communication.


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