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Get unprecedented insight into consumer behavior.

We work with national and global brands and market research firms to offer a method, which is 46% more accurate and provides passive consumer usage tracking, yielding 1.5x the data set.

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With Adrich’s first-of-its-kind Connected Smart Consumer Platform, you will:


  • Get a better understanding of the customer journey

  • Remove bias from consumer behavior to get to the real consumer

  • Be more effective at driving innovation

  • ….and more!

Traditional consumer research tactics, such as online surveys and in-home ethnography studies are expensive, limited in scale and full of “claimed data” 


Our solution is a full-suite turnkey service, which includes:

“We know that there are inaccuracies in how consumers answer the questions and that’s why we call it claimed data”

–Elizabeth Hackbarth, Associate Director, Global Insights and Marketing, The Clorox Company

With Adrich’s help, Clorox discovered never-before-seen usage patterns of their flagship product, Pinesol.

Learn how

Quantitative Usage Data

When and how often the product is being used, as well as when it needs replaced.

Real-time Qualitative Data

Generated from surveys and communications sent to consumers during usage.

Consumer Communications

Generated from surveys and communications sent to consumers during Full-service recruitment of consumers across multiple demographics.


Full report, including

    complete analysis of usage data.

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