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How the Pet Care Industry Can Leverage Connected eCommerce to Attract and Retain more Consumers

Updated: May 24, 2023

As the pet care industry looks to new ways to serve its customers and consumers in a post-Covid world, connected eCommerce has gained recent attention due to its ability to help brands better understand the usage behaviors of their consumers and better meet their demands at the precise point of need.

Today’s consumers have a desire for personalization, convenience and relevant engagement with the brand. As pet health and well-being continue to gain focus from pet owners, manufacturers, brands, and retailers within the petcare industry can benefit from a more insightful understanding of consumer behavior (driven by data) in order to better serve pets and pet owners and cater to their changing needs.

How Connected eCommerce Works in Pet Care

Connected eCommerce uses smart IoT (internet of things) tracking sensors to monitor consumer behavior and provide better intelligence on usage habits, including the optimal timeframe for replenishment, providing a convenient and seamless way for consumers to restock. All this is done, of course, in compliance with consumer data privacy requirements. In the example of the direct-to-consumer pet food retailer looking for ways to increase the lifetime value of its consumers, connected eCommerce offered a means to track consumer’s usage patterns through smart consumption labels placed on refillable pet food containers. The smart labels monitor consumption and trigger replenishment when the fill level of the container dipped below 20% of the container. This resulted in a 33% increase in lifetime value and helped the retailer optimize logistics by reducing the inventory carrying costs by 15%!

Interested in learning more about how to leverage connected eCommerce for your brand? View the recording from our presentation at the Pet Innovation Summit.

Connected eCommerce Benefits to the Pet Food Industry

In addition to the positive impact to lifetime value and lower logistics costs, there are additional benefits that connected eCommerce can bring to the pet care industry, including manufacturers, retailers and other industry participants as well as pet children & pet parents.

Many consumer insights can be unlocked through the IoT-enabled,

smart connected eCommerce platform.

#1: New Product Testing and Market Research

Through real-time monitoring of consumer product usage, get more accurate data on consumer behavior. Use these insights to provide more relevant offerings and increase the in-market success rates of new products as well as optimize ROI on messaging and media spend.

#2: Auto-reorder & Replenishment

Monitor usage in order to replenish product at the exact moment it is needed, providing convenience to consumers via zero touch shopping and increasing retention rate.

#3: Timely and Relevant Consumer Engagement

Use the real-time usage data to provide timely, in-context communications and offerings for enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

#4: Compliance with Feeding & Prescription Regimens

Monitoring adherence to pet diet and prescription & medication regimens to help the pet patients achieve the best outcomes -- this also enables measuring and showcasing of the true efficacy of your products and services.

#5: Sustainability

Provide an environmentally friendly option by offering IoT-connected reusable packaging and optimizing timing of refill delivery. Offer customers convenience and more reasons to participate in your sustainability initiatives and the circular economy.

Connected eCommerce offers the pet care industry an incredible opportunity to better serve customers while accelerating growth.

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