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The Top Industry Drivers of IoT and AI in CPG

This is an excerpt from our eBook, "How IoT and AI are Changing the Game in CPG." You can access the full version here.

Ever-changing consumer habits drive the IoT and AI integrations, and the need is urgent. Today, consumers are inundated with so many choices that the differentiator amongst brands is no longer product attributes like taste or packaging, but the experience brands create for the consumers.

In this context, deeply knowing your consumer has become crucial to building brand loyalty, leveraging technology to gain game-changing consumer insight, and enabling the creation of personalized, targeted experiences to set brands apart from the competition. AI uses computer learning from unique human behaviors and habits and IoT utilizes sensors of devices. Together they build levels of intelligence which will make overall CPG systems smarter.

Consumer trends and expectations have moved beyond simply having and using a product. The pace of adoption for these types of technologies is critical for brand survival. From a technology standpoint, specifically IoT, advances have been made in electronic manufacturing, which have helped these applications become commercially viable.

What's in it for consumers?

Traceability provides transparency to the consumer on when and how the product is being manufactured. With automatic replenishment, consumers love the convenience of products auto reordering and showing up at their door. If sustainability is in your goals, connected e-commerce seamlessly enables the shipment and fulfillment of refillable products, lessening reliance upon single-use plastics.

As a brand, leveraging this technology creates individualized experiences and unprecedented convenience for consumers. In return, you receive new data and in-depth consumer understanding. Use these to create consumer-first products, usage-driving messaging, and new levels of brand loyalty – then sit back and watch your business grow!

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