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Sensor Technology  +  Data as a Service =
Real-time, two-way communication with your customers

The Adrich consumer insights platform is a first-of-its kind solution to give you real-time insights on how, when and how much consumers use your products.

The World’s First Connect Consumer Platform by Adrich helps you understand how, when and where your products are being used  - and converse with your customers in real-time.

Get closer to your customer than ever before!

 Increase brand loyalty by engaging with customers during use

  • Real-time product usage data and feedback from consumers

  • Personalized, targeted promotions sent to customers while product is being used

 Offer convenient

auto-reordering of

your products

  • Convert heavy users into subscribers

  • Improve customer retention by meeting consumer needs at the right time




  • Decrease shipping costs 

  • Build a brand story around environmental sustainability, implementing “reusability” in the supply chain


The world’s first Connected Smart Consumer Platform leverages machine learning and analytics to generate True Consumer Usage Behaviors.



Adrich Smart Tracking System

Can be used to collect and send day, time, geolocation and volumetric use data in real-time


Analytics & Engagement  Dashboard

Understand trends, behaviors and usage patterns in the most accurate and cost effective way while connecting with customers as they as they use your product

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