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World's First Connected eCommerce Platform

The next generation of consumer understanding providing post-sales analytics and consumer engagement brought to you by the Adrich Smart Consumer Platform©.

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Why Adrich?

 Take the guesswork out of how, when and why consumers use your product - in real time.

Today’s customers expect more than ever and have plenty of options.


How will your brand win their hearts and earn their loyalty? 


Differentiate your brand and drive customer loyalty through personalized promotions and convenient, automatic replenishment:

  • Understand how, where, when, and why consumers buy and use your products in real-time.

  • Time consumer engagement with product usage to build strong customer relationships

  • Automate recurrent revenue through order replenishment and “no touch” shopping

What We Do

We specialize in designing and deploying the world's first Connected eCommerce Platform, unveiling true qualitative and quantitative consumer usage data.

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Consumer Engagement

<60 second two-way communication with consumers at point-of-use drives engagement and insights.

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Auto-reorder ensures consumers receive product when (and only when) they need it, eliminating churn.​

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Real-time, first-party, and incomparably accurate usage data eliminates human bias from traditional methods.​

How It Works

Our comprehensive solution utilizes machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics obtained through smart consumption labels. The output is an incomparable perspective into True Consumer Usage Behaviors. With Adrich, brands can now better understand their product and consumers, increasing consumer satisfaction, optimizing sales and marketing, and providing predictive consumer insights for continued brand growth.

Sensor Technology + Data as a Service =
Real-time, Two-way Communication

See why customers love us!

Adrich is proud to work with some of the leading consumer brands.

The Clorox Company Uncovers New Consumer Behavior

With a dataset 1.5 times the scale of a traditional ethnographic research study, Adrich helped The Clorox Company get unprecedented insights into their flagship product, Pine Sol.


Coming from very tech-focused backgrounds, with experience in product management, electrical engineering, and supply chain management, CEO Adhithi Aji and the Adrich team saw the importance of data and its role in understanding consumers.
In the tech world, data is easily acquired, analyzed, and used to engage with customers, whether it be for product development, marketing, or sales. The team set out to bring this same data-driven marketing and product development strategy to the CPG world.
With the team's diverse understanding of industry, business and technical knowledge, Adrich has brought to market a cutting-edge innovation that empowers brand owners with a smarter way to connect with their consumers.

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About us?

Connect with your consumers at point-of-use in real-time, every time.

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