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Exciting Updates: Analyst Coverage, New Releases & Investors

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

As the seasons change, Adrich is springing forward faster than ever. We just finished a quarter that’s packed with some exciting news. Check out our recent developments and reach out if you have any questions!

CB Insights Selects Adrich a Top 100 Retail Tech Company of 2022 We are honored to be selected by CB insights to The Retail Tech 100, the top private companies using technology to reshape the shopping experience, speed up retail operations, and increase sales. The Retail Tech 100 is CB Insights' annual ranking of the 100 most promising B2B retail tech companies in the world. The companies were selected by CB Insights’ Intelligence Unit from a pool of over 7,000 companies. Adrich is featured for our work in Smart Auto Replenishment and consumer relationship building.

“We are honored to be featured alongside the select group of companies that are shaping the future of retail,” said Adhithi Aji, CEO of Adrich. “Our goal is to help our customers attract new consumers and retain the most loyal and happiest customers. With our novel & convenient smart auto-replenishment capability based on real-time consumer usage data, we help our clients drive consumer acquisition, customer lifetime value, and retention by double-digits. We are thankful to have the world’s most innovative companies partnering with us on this journey to create a frictionless and personalized replenishment experience to help them build a closer relationship with their consumers and better anticipate demand.”

Our latest releases make our platform better and stronger The Adrich product is improving faster than ever thanks to new additions to our R&D team bringing hard work & creativity! We are happy to announce our latest release -- as always, putting the consumer experience front and center is the name of the game when it comes to our tech updates:

  • A 10X increase in label storage for more reliable and accurate replenishment, makes zero touch shopping more accurate than ever before and creates more aha moments for your consumers.

  • Our tech now integrates into your existing app or your retail partner's app via a new SDK release to maintain your brand's look & feel. This means consumers don't have to download yet another app, providing a seamless workflow for consumers.

  • Our in-field advanced QA features enable a seamless user experience so consumers can continue to have an undeterred digital connection with your brand.

We appreciate all the feedback and engagement from our customers that led to another awesome release!

Adrich welcomes XRC Labs as our new investor

We’re thrilled to announce that XRC Labs out of New York City has selected Adrich as one of seven startups in Cohort 13. XRC Labs is a venture capital firm and accelerator for the next generation of disruptors in the retail technology

and consumer goods sectors.

Adrich will participate in a three-month accelerator program gaining access to XRC Labs’s world-class partners and mentor network, which includes today’s most influential retail leaders and consultancies. Leadership at XRC is extremely excited about Adrich’s Smart Replenishment technology and the impact it will have on the retail and consumer goods sector.

Thanks so much for all the support and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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