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Introducing the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the technology that is emerging all around us isn’t just making our world easier; it’s making it smarter. Among its ranks is the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker - a tiny piece of tech with huge potential impact. Part of the Adrich Smart Consumer Platform, the Adrich Smart Product Tracker has been making waves in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry for good reason. By providing once unobtainable post-purchase insights, Adrich’s innovative new tech is able to uncover usage behavior, solving pain points for both brands and consumers.

So how does it work, exactly? Here is everything you need to know about CPG’s newest game-changer, the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker.

What problem does the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker solve?

From a brand perspective:

CPG brands face a grim statistic: 85% of new products fail. With no concrete data about what happens once the product leaves the store, figuring out exactly why something didn’t succeed is almost impossible with such a huge chunk of missing information. Even when trying to optimize already-launched products’ profitability, understanding how, when and why consumers use them has been largely guesswork. Traditional means of acquiring information about usage has been proven to be faulty, if not flat out unusable. Major brands have the funds to pour into costly market research, but generally, most of the money spent only delivers results that don’t give them much to innovate from. And as trends shift, many CPG giants are scrambling to get ahead of the curve.

From a consumer perspective:

Consumers today expect more from their products - they are more informed about end-to-end production, and have more purchase options than ever to choose from. Shoppers aren’t just savvy, they’re also looking for more eco-friendly options and leaning heavily into auto-replenishment - but CPG isn’t yet matching this need. There is already proof that consumers are ready to embrace IoT in their packaged goods, but the CPG industry has so far been slow to adapt.

Adrich has come up with the solution. Proven to deliver 46% more accurate usage data than traditional market research, the Adrich Smart Consumer Platform is able to deliver impactful insights, and in real time. The Smart Product Usage Tracker is the first of three parts that make up the platform - a tiny smart label that seamlessly adheres to CPG containers, post production. The Smart Product Usage Tracker then transmits information via bluetooth, delivering real-time data that fills the information gap that brands need in order to optimize their products to meet consumer demand. It is able to provide insights into:

  • When a product is used

  • Where a product is used

  • How much of a product is used

Working in tandem with the Adrich app and online dashboard, the Smart Product Usage Tracker is the starting point for valuable analytical data. With automated journal entry in market research, from the consumer’s side, the Adrich tech is non-intrusive. Product testing and in-home usage testing no longer require manual data entry, reporting, and time-consuming participation. Findings of the Smart Product Usage Tracker then contribute greatly to CPG success in need based replenishment and zero touch shopping - at great benefit to consumers.

How does the Smart Product Usage Tracker technically work?

The first part of a three part system (the tracker, the app, and the dashboard), The Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker is small enough to go unnoticed, depending on the container. Placed directly on the outside of packaged goods, the Smart Product Usage Tracker lies flat like a sticker. It may look like a simple label, but the technology that lies within it has been carefully crafted and fine-tuned.

Adrich goes through a series of steps called “calibration” before putting a product category into the market. In a combination of lab-testing and small-scale field testing/simulation, the system is trained before it gets to the consumer level - enabling it to detect and identify accurate usage while ignoring false positive triggering.

The Smart Product Usage Tracker itself is self-powered with a built-in battery, and has a series of proprietary sensors that combine measurement and modeling to build the right machine-learning algorithm that identifies use. It transmits data when activated via bluetooth, and everything connects and works autonomously - all the consumer needs to do is have the app downloaded, the technology does the rest.

Lastly, the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker can be applied post production, allowing for a plug and play solution. This way it can be applied to products by brands, retailers, or even consumers, making anything it’s adhered to automatically smart.

Which products can benefit from the Smart Product Usage Tracker?

The Adrich Smart Consumer Platform is highly adaptive to meet the different needs of any CPG product. Each platform is uniquely tailored per project and client, assuring that insight goals can be met in half the time of traditional market research, and with ground-breaking accuracy.

While major brands like Coca-Cola and The Clorox Company are making use of the Adrich Smart Consumer Platform, smaller brands are, too. Pittsburgh’s local pet supply chain Petagogy has been partnering with Adrich to successfully implement an online replenishment system, and to great success.

Best of all, it’s extremely versatile. Since it can be applied post production, it doesn’t need to be built into a product’s container. There’s no need to reconfigure and spend more money to build the tech into packaging, it can be attached manually to anything from air freshener to solid deodorant, shampoo to peanut butter - even a vacuum. No matter what it’s applied to, the results are the same: valuable and applicable insights into how, when and where a product is used, and at no inconvenience to the consumer.

Want to know if your product can benefit from the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker?

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